Fair Usage Policy

Speed365’s Fair Usage Policy Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keeping in view the fact that a small number of customers may otherwise use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth and impairs the experience of a large majority. Hence, through this policy, ISPs including Seans Media Pvt Ltd (SMPL) seek to address this imbalance and give all customers the opportunity to experience the network in the same way.

Under the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), SMPL offers various tariff plans to suit the varying data download requirement of the customers. The purpose is that a customer with the need of low data download in a month, is not charged more as different customers have different data download requirements. SMPL has defined the FUP across all the unlimited broadband plans with varying charges and varying data download limit. This FUP is different for different plans.

Under Fair Usage Policy (FUP), data download limit is generally kept high so that majority of the customers do not reach that limit. Once customer reaches to certain data transfer limit (defined in the particular plan), speed is reduced as stated in the plan while unlimited data download is guaranteed at reduced speed. At the start of next monthly billing cycle, customer’s higher speed & data transfer limit is automatically being restored as per the plan subscribed.